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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A 3rd Osprey

Cowen Road, Blaydon - At about 10.10 yesterday morning an Osprey flew over Cowen Road,  and then across the Tyne and out of sight, loosely pursued by gulls and jackdaws. (The observer's first in Gateshead and he wouldn’t have seen it if the gulls hadn’t been making such a racket). This is the 3rd Osprey this year

Westfield Pasture
In addition to that noted earlier, Single Buff-tailed and Tree Bumblebees and Common Toad. Moschatel noted in flower.

Comma at Westfield [Brian Pollinger]

Small Tortoiseshell Oops Peacock at Westfield [Brian Pollinger]

Moschatel at Westfield [Brian Pollinger]


  1. Come on doc, its a peacock :) lol. Wait until the birtley bishop hear's about this one ;) lol

    1. Well done young Mr Fryer you spotted the * deliberate mistake/cock-up/The Doc has gone barmy /*
      *delete as applicable