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Saturday, 30 March 2013

A wild Whooper on the boardwalk

Burdon Moor - No further sign of the Stonechat
Lamesley water meadows - A pair of Gadwall on the flash pools.
Shibdon Pond - Whooper Swan on the boardwalk today.

Whooper - wild, he's livid! [George Simspon]

The observer said ' I think what must have happened is that other whooper’s must have flown past calling and he has tried to join them as he was constantly calling himself, I don’t know if he collided with anything but he was beside the bypassPoor thing did not make Iceland at Blaydon never mind the continent

So I proceeded  to walk him back to the pond up the pit line , nice and steady we went till he spotted the teal pond. He then tried to get through the fence without any success slowly I approached him it was when I got to close he attacked. So I grab him and carried him to the pond before realeasing him I checked him for any sign of injury couldn’t find any but he does seem to be very thin'

Saltwell Park -  Several Great-spotted Woodpecker

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