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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Nordic Jackdaw ...perhaps

A potential 'Nordic' Jackdaw at Shibdon Pond - opinions seem divided on it's credentials - what do you think?

Potential 'Nordic' Jackdaw [Steven Fryer/ Paul Davidson]

Also at Shibdon today was a 2nd winter Mediterranean Gull, perhaps the bird seen last month at Lamesley.

Meanwhile if you haven't already signed the e-Petition to save the Gateshead Countryside Team then do it now. 

The link to the reasoning of sacking and closing down is now [click link]

Note this has changed from earlier (We can't make things easy to complain can we?) 

'What impact will this proposal have on the Council’s statutory duty to address;
  • Crime and disorder   - Neutral 
  • ……. Mitigation … Countryside volunteers could provide valuable support in providing feedback to the council of adverse behaviour / activity. . 
  • [What the xx are they serious?. They are asking away beyond what is surely expected from a volunteer, they are already having to do more as it is with the last cuts]

  • They acknowledge that 'Groups affected by Proposal = everyone in Gateshead'

Sign it now ..... please.

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